Plasma Chasms released their debut EP in 2022 through Independent Australian label The A&R Department which warmly received into the psychedelic community. Plasma Chasms are now following up this EP with their debut concept album "Chrysalis" in August. Chrysalis takes listeners from an intergalactic spaceport, guided by a concierge on a cosmic elevator as we transcend through various levels of psychedelia. Each track exploring a different world with parallel themes on the human experience with an existential look into reality.

Plasma Chasms have been described as an Indie-Australian meets So-Cal Vibe. A psychedelic Journey that veers from classic indie-pop with a retro, gritty garage twist, swimming with psychedelic vibes. Comprised of Australian native Jane Drewett and US Adrian Guerrero, Plasma Chasms formed in 2020 in Los Angeles based on mutual appreciation for retro psychedelia and classic rock. 

This new album brings a spacey, neo-vintage psychedelic pop that covers various elements of psychedelia. It's interwoven with complex music arrangements consisting of melodic guitars, vocal hooks, euphoric harmonies, bass grooves and spacey dreamy synths. While the journey is non linear and a type of choose your own adventure down the rabbithole, the album feels unified taking you through a distinctive universe laden with cosmic colour with each song standing out as its own unique identity.

Plasma Chasms has been active in the local live music scene in Los Angeles and will be returning the International Pop Festival (IPO) again this year in August 2024 bringing some new music in promotion of the new release.