The experiences that informed Plasma Chasms' new EP have riped over 30 years and across the north and south hemisphere, this self-titled selection is a textural and unruly journey through their mellowing inner worlds.

Comprised of Australian Jane Drewett and American Adrian guerrero, Plasma Chasms formed in 2020 in Los Angeles as Adrian returned to writing music after a hiatus from fronting several different bands and genres (Alternative, Grunge and Metal) on the Hollywood and local circuits.

Reflecting on being young, carefree, fun and when that reverses, watching the cycle of time repeat. Multi instrumentalists Adrian and Jane set about creating a hallucinogenic atmosphere that echoes the passage of individuals through time.

Lead Single, Time Bandit, was the first song written for the EP. It sets the tone for the whole record as it represents the broadness of sounds and styles Plasma Chasms cover across the EP. A non chalant, neo-psych party that retrospectively explores the creation of meaning particularly after hte loss of time, miscommunciation, opportunities, our passions - The EP Progresses through interdimensional relationships, pixelated homages and enthusiastic dissonances.

Plasma Chasms knowingly play with contemporary music in order to extract the phantoms of culture and make sense of how we got here. This self-titled EP fulfills a long standing desire to create vintage-tinged psychedelic sounds while exploring this duo's journey across time and space - all without losing the universal appeal of pop music.